Our Team:


Gino Sturla Muza
Attorney at Law, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
University Professor

Ornella Sturla Zerené
Attorney at Law, Central University of Chile
Graduate Studies at Univeristy of Madrid, Spain

Gino Sturla Zerené
Civil-Hydraulics Engineer, University of Chile
Enviromental Law Master, University of Chile
Economics Phd Student, University of Chile

Rose Marie Zerené Jarufe
Metropolitan Technological University, Santiago Chile


Orlando Vera Oporto
Accountant & Certified in Auditing, Universidad Austral de Chile
Post Graduate work in Tax law, and Master Tax Planning from Santiago University, Santiago Chile
International Accounting Certification (IFRS), University of Chile
Alejandro Abarca Retamales and Associated Accountants
Counters Chilean consulting firm with over 50 years experience in the field. Founded with the goal of providing professional services in differents areas of business consulting, currently providing innovative and customized services in: accounting, finance, labor and management support to companies.
Miño Trademarks and Patents Management
Executive and professional team with seven years experience in Trademark Registration in the National Institute of Industrial Property, under the Ministry of Economy, Development and Reconstruction of the Republic of Chile.
Ahumada Nº 312
Oficina 805, p. 8
Santiago Centro, Chile

2 32001977
2 23790282


Accounting Office
Miño Trademarks and Patents Management
Court System
Land and Property Registry of Santiago
Judiciary Registry Lybrary
National Identification Bureau
Chilean Internal Revenue Service
General Accounting Office

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